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Training Wednesday! Tournament Sunday! 2023 Season begins!

Spring has finally sprung, and just in time because we’ve just got training sorted out (April 12th), and an all-throw random-draft tournament (April 16th) coming up. The St. Joseph’s team proper will play a game on April 23rd, so check this site for the latest updates on that. So what’s first?

Training – April 12th

For the rest of you, it’s time to kick this training into high gear 😎 let’s do it!

We’re serious about new people! We’ll show you how it’s done. We’re always recruiting, and hey just pucking around is fun too.


April 16th – tournament!

For those of you who are registered with a hurling club, signup for the tourney at

No club? Contact us to sign up! Yes!

Never played hurling? Come check it out! Cheap thrills for the game ($5 and free parking for real, just don’t park near the goal on the north end…) and then you’ll get a free learn-to-play hands-on demonstration. Try the most thrilling field sport in the world.

There’s also Gaelic football, as an intermission. That’s an okay sport too. Pretty good. Not hurling, but pretty good too.

The rest of the season! April 23rd, May 7th, …..

Check out our calendar (above), or sign up for the Newsletter (under News(letter) ) for more info.

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