Valley hurling League

The Valley Hurling League will be a user-friendly internal league organized by St Joseph’s for the purpose of bringing hurling to everyone. All are welcome to participate regardless of experience, abilities or gender. Whether you’re a seasoned hurler, a veteran player, or an entry-level camog, there is a place in the VHL for you.

The Valley Hurling League offers the following:


A Taster is an introductory class that teaches the foundational skills of hurling in under two hours. We will start from how to hold a hurley, and gradually build up your motor skills. We will show you how to protect yourself on the field and how to enjoy the game safely.

Our next taster will be held at Backesto Park on Saturday July 22nd, 2023. Pre-registration is required.

Short Seasons

If you complete a Taster, or have played hurling competitively before, then you are eligible to begin signing up for VHL seasons. Beginning in 2024, we plan to play a series of short seasons throughout the year.

Prior to the start of a season, you will be assigned to a team on draft night. The draft process ensures that the league is competitively balanced, with teams of roughly equal skill level, and so that no team dominates.

Darren Gleeson (Tipp), Jonathan Glynn (Galway)