What is Hurling

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The Fastest Game on Grass

Hurling is an ancient Irish sport that combines skills from lacrosse, field hockey, and baseball.

Modern hurling is a unique combination of speed, skill, and athleticism that speaks to the athlete in everyone, and amazes people who are not even seasoned sports fans.

3000 Years of hurling

The game predates recorded history, appearing in the myths and legends of Irish folklore that are older than the pyramids of Egypt.

It is among oldest continuously played sports in the world, is thought to be ancestral to Ice Hockey, and has been played in North America by Irish immigrants since the nineteenth century.

Panoramic view of Croke Park

Ireland’s Sporting Obsession

The biggest prize in hurling is the All-Ireland Championship that is contested by teams representing each of Ireland’s 32 counties.

The All-Ireland Final is a major national occasion, attended by the Taoiseach (Irish Prime Minister), the Irish President, 82,000 people in Croke Park, Dublin, and is watched on live television all over the world.

Get Involved

The Valley Hurling League offers a user-friendly introduction to hurling.

We will teach you the basics and provide you with friendly but competitive games in which you’ll be able to master this most challenging but addictive of sports.