New to hurling?

We’re excited to share hurling with you and hope you want to train with us, or just be part of the St. Joseph’s community at games or the pub. Here’s a few ways to get involved or just to check it out – no commitment needed:

  • Sign up for a learn-to-play “taster”
    • Get a “taste” of hurling by joining us at a park and learn the basic skills.
    • Some St. Joseph players and supporters will help you and other curious beginners to learn the basics of safe hurling, then build your skills from lifting to striking, to hooking and blocking, and to winning the ball and striking on the run.
    • We bring the gear and everything you need. Except shoes. You’ll need to bring shoes.
    • If you’re not interested in playing, we are still excited to show you the basics. We’re not just recruiting players, we’re excited to be sharing our passion and culture with you!
  • Visit one of our trainings
    • We run weekly trainings for those familiar with the basics of safe hurling, so join us to take your skills and fitness to the next level.
    • Yes you can borrow a hurl and a helmet, but do let us know so we make sure to bring extras.
  • Watch a game
    • We play our competition matches currently at the Gaelic Park on Treasure Island. Parking is free, admission is usually $5 for a morning of games.
    • Stay tuned for game schedule. There will be games every Sunday from April 16th on, except for Memorial day weekend, but we’re still sorting out who plays what days.
  • Meet up to talk hurling strategy – at the pub. Drop us a line!

Whether you have prior atheltic experience or not, hurling is a novel challenge that builds speed, power, conditioning, strength, and awareness. In the heat of a match, there’s really nothing quite like the desperate thrill of a mad dash through clashing hurls in a reactive, creative, vibrant flow. Outside of the match, simply pucking it around between friends is a fun challenge and a great way to stay fit and mobile for your whole body. And there’s really nothing quite like being on a team, especially in such a challenging and dynamic sport as hurling.

Give it a go with the Joes!